Modern Jeddah is home to the Jeddah Corniche, offering picturesque waterfront walkways and beaches, and the landmark King Fahd's Fountain, the tallest of its type in the world.


Background: Jeddah is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city along the Red Sea in western Saudi Arabia. It's known as the commercial hub of the country and the gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. Historically, Jeddah has been a port city for trade and a point of convergence for people and cultures. Its historic district, Al-Balad, with traditional homes built from coral, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, reflecting the rich heritage of the region. .  

SDG Airlines Jeddah branch:
King A. Aziz, Inlt Airport, Offices of Cargo Terminal
Jeddah -  Saudi Arabia

Ms. Layla

Branch Manager

+8816 555 555