General Cargo

General cargo are items that do not fall into the Special Cargo categories and that do not require any extra precautions or special handling during air transport. These types of items are retail and most consumer goods (with the exception of mobile phones, tablets and laptops) , dry goods, hardware, textiles, and more.

This type of service is usually less in price than the Special Cargo service. Transit time may be sometimes longer. For cargo to be categorized as “General Cargo”, it shouldn’t have any special needs like temperature control or fast-moving for short shelf life. It also should not be oversized or have odd dimensions (like overlength).

For both loose and unitized shipments, our simple speed and pricing structure mean it’s easy to find an ideal service to suit your needs.


  • Booking Window: Up to 14 days before STD

Freight and Document Cut Off Perform Unitised: 1-2 hours before STD*

Perform Loose: 3-6 hours before STD*

  • Freight Availability

Perform Unitised: 2-4 hours after ATA*

Perform Loose: 1-2 hours after ATA*

  • Document Availability

Perform Unitised: 1-2 hours after ATA*

Perform Loose: 2 hours after ATA*

  • Connection Times

Perform Unitised: Minimum 1 hours**

Perform Loose: Minimum 2 hours**

Please refer to local teams for network stations.*

  • Weight and Volume Limits: Operating aircraft limits apply.

  • Booking Restrictions

No Radioactive on SDG services.

No Munitions of War were allowed in any service.

  • Recovery Promise: In the unlikely event that your cargo does not fly as booked we will notify you within 4 hours of ATD. We then ensure your cargo arrives at its destination within 24 hours of the original STA.

  • Track and Trace Availability: Track the status of your cargo by mail.

  • Allocations Accepted: Block Space Agreements, Capacity

  • Purchase Agreements, and Permanent Bookings: available.