About us

Welcome to the digital world of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport!

We are a training centre of a different kind with an extremely interactive and person-oriented approach; we are in pursuit of technical and humanist excellence, with a training programme that introduces the technical concepts of the logistics and international transport sectors to the participants using a methodology that facilitates communication and relations among the participants.

The Escola, founded in 2006, is still a young centre. At the same time it has followed a large trajectory throughout its lifetime and gathered diverse international experiences. Students from across Europe, America and Africa have passed through our doors. We have participated in numerous European and Mediterranean projects – ones that have contributed to the development of intermodal transport in the international arena.

What sets us apart from other training methods and centres is the combination of theory, digital simulation and reality. This allows the students to experience what they have learned in the classrooms. As a result, the concepts studied are retained and can immediately be put into practice once the course finishes. Our partners, the ports and shipping lines, give us access to unrivalled training instruments: experienced professionals, the infrastructures and the technical mediums. The logistics communities, our collaborators, provide us with knowledge, equipment and the experiences of their services and operations. They do it to promote their own activities and to give value to the logistics sector, which is consistently gaining strength through three main elements: its growing economic importance, job creation and sustainability of the solutions offered. We tailor our courses to different levels of commitment and budgets. They range from short courses covering the essentials to longer ones on board of vessels or trains, ranging in duration from three to ten days.

They all share some common elements: Coherent and comprehensive programmes, well defined and current contents, well-prepared and motivated lecturers, quality learning materials and practical experiences. Overall, they provide life-experiences that turn into long-lasting memories for all. We have a team of professionals ready to offer you all the information you may require and look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

In Barcelona, in the Mediterranean Republic, in the month of September 2022 and celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Escola Europea, it is always spring time.


Eduard Rodés



This website has been developed in the summer of 2022, and mainly in the quiet oasis of August in my workspace in the Empordà. In the preparation and realisation I have received punctual but very important help from some people who have wanted to contribute to its realisation. Always important my brother Santi who has painted aeroplanes and trucks, which always gives verisimilitude and prestige to the company. He also suggested (I would say he gave me no choice) that the first plane be named Olivia after my newly arrived granddaughter. And now I think that was a good idea.

Davide Olivieri, who worked at the Escola doing his internship and under the supervision of Orlando Reveco, who also contributed to the final part and who is the person in charge of the development and maintenance of the PortVirtualLab world, helped with the development of the contents.

Victor Humbert from eGlobe, Ainhoa Carrión from e2e Logistics Solutions services and Jaume Adrover from GPA collaborated in the operational part. On the digitalisation side, I have had the valuable help of Albert Ruiz from Click&Cargo. And I have to thank many companies that have served as inspiration, and especially Lufthansa Cargo, IAG Cargo, Swift Air among others. And IATA, which, although they don't give away almost anything unless you pay for it, I recognise that they are fighting to organise the sector and make it improve. I have read many of their documents.

I have consulted sources from many freight forwarders, airlines and handling operators who have provided me with the information I need to do a good job.

I hope that SDG Airlines will help to train many operators and students.

Thank you all very much!

Eduard Rodés